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Welcome to Moores Pond Farm!

We have a small herd of Purebred French Alpine Dairy Goats and concentrate on raising very high quality animals to breed and show. All of our goats come from proven lines, including Brankton, Angel-Prairie,  Nodaway, Iron-Rod, Hoach’s, and Windrush Farms.  Our goats are show quality…

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Meet the girls! We currently have 6 does in our herd.  2015 Linear Appraisal scores in adult does range from 87 to 91. SENIOR DOES   CH Mountain Star Baham Itsy Ibis http://adgagenetics.org/GoatDetail.aspx?RegNumber=A001495199 Born April 28, 2009 LA at 6 years 90VEVE Itsy…

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Breedings for 2017

We are currently planning breedings for 2017 kiddings. These will be posted as we make decisions.              CH Moores Pond Farm Chickadeehttp://adgagenetics.org/GoatDetail.aspx?RegNumber=A001557727 CH Mountain Star Baham Itsy Ibishttp://adgagenetics.org/GoatDetail.aspx?RegNumber=A001495199  Moores Pond Farm NRR Wren http://adgagenetics.org/GoatDetail.aspx?RegNumber=A001686364      …


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