Welcome to Moores Pond Farm!


For almost a decade, we have raised a small herd of Purebred French Alpine Dairy Goats. We are dispersing the herd in 2017-18, but we will maintain this web site for awhile as reference for those who may want information about animals we have sold and their progeny.  Our goats are show quality animals with sound pedigrees and excellent milk production. We have participated for 8 years in the ADGA Linear Appraisal program, and scores in our herd during that time have ranged from 83 to 91, with no trait scores ever going below Acceptable. Only two animals retained scores below 85. We close this chapter of our lives pleased with the consistency that we have achieved in our herd.

If you read our blogs (scroll down on Home page), you will see that these animals have been part of the family. Our goats are all very healthy and our farm has always been CAE-free.

We are in Western North Carolina, near Asheville.

Enjoy this video of some of our 2015 kids: https://youtu.be/cUG1JLRGPlE.

2 Comments on “Welcome to Moores Pond Farm!

  1. Wonderful video of your wonderful place. Sorry to hear of herd being dispersed. Hope “Itsy” is still good. Pat & Jerry 2012 guests.

    • Itsy is great, and now with a wonderful farm that does 4H shows and ADGA Championship shows. They have several of our Champions, plus many from a friend’s farm here in the Asheville area. It is a sad time for us as we are now selling Moores Pond Farm. We are in our “mid” early 70’s and it has become too much to try to keep up. The vacation rentals are also part of the sale, plus 50 acres, 3 barns, and wonderful views!

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