Welcome to Moores Pond Farm!

We have a small herd of Purebred French Alpine Dairy Goats and concentrate on raising very high quality animals to breed and show. All of our goats come from proven lines, including Brankton, Angel-Prairie,  Nodaway, Iron-Rod, Hoach’s, and Windrush Farms.  Our goats are show quality animals with sound pedigrees and very good milk production. We participate in the ADGA Linear Appraisal program, and scores in our current herd range from 88 to 91.

If you read our blogs (scroll down on Home page), you will see that these animals are also part of the family, and we enjoy caring for them. Our goats are all very healthy and are tested CAE and CL free, NC is a TB and Brucellosis free state. (Our whole herd tested negative in February 2014.) All of our breedings are supervised, so we know their due dates; we set aside the time to attend  kiddings and assist as needed. Since we test all does for CAE and CL annually , we allow some of the does to dam raise their babies.

We are in Western North Carolina, the Asheville area, about six miles from I-40 exit 53.  1-828-628-1735, cell 1-828-712-2753.   Email chuckccampbell@gmail.com or sarah@sarahyork.com.

Enjoy this video of some of our 2015 kids: https://youtu.be/cUG1JLRGPlE.

5 Comments on “Welcome to Moores Pond Farm!

  1. I raised An Alpine goat years ago when we had 6 children (kids ) to feed.I also had a Nubian. The Nubian’s are a bit large for where I live now. We had 4 acre’s in NJ, back then, now only three & mostly wooded. Had a Sannan which gave a lot of milk but was like watered down. I’m alone now Kids grown my Wife passed away a few years ago. I am thinking of getting another Alpine Doe. Could be one of your cull’s, as we call them in Shoe Pigeons. If you would, let me knoe where you are located. I’m in Newport, TN. east TN. .Douglas Smith

  2. We have a small herd of French alpines. That our youngsters son shows. Unfortunately, some dogs killed his best goat. And we are looking to replace her. Can you tell me what you have to sell?.

  3. Hi just wondering about renting your place for my son and I he is 10, we are coming from Florida to drop my daughter at Lees McRae summer camp and need to wait til she finishes. Arrival June 25-July 1 approx. please let me know your rate and availability. It sounds like a fun place for my son and I. Thank you! Chrissy

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