Bucks Collected

Chaz posed with ribbons Shelby*B CH Sycamore-Acres MC Phineas Chaz, http://www.adgagenetics.org/GoatDetail.aspx?RegNumber=A001659463.

Born April 2013

LA at 2 years: 87VEV  LA at 3 years: 88VEV

Chaz is a very handsome buck, and we are pleased with his progeny from 2015, 2016 and 2017. Chaz’s dam is SG Sycamore-Acres Magnum Chloe, LA 90EVEE, and his sire is Sycamore-Acres Paragon Phineas, LA 91EVE.  Semen is available @ $35/straw.

MOORES POND FARM JACKS FLICKER(http://adgagenetics.org/GoatDetail.aspx?RegNumber=A001706130)

Born March 31, 2014.

LA at 1 year: 86VEV

2015-08-17 09.19.50

Flicker’s dam is CH Mountain Star Baham Itsy Ibis(http://adgagenetics.org/GoatDetail.aspx?RegNumber=A001495199), LA 90VEVE,  and his sire is Hoach’s PGSS Lumberjack (http://adgagenetics.org/GoatDetail.aspx?RegNumber=A001422783), who was sired by Pleasant Grove Super Saga, 4 x ADGA National Premier Sire. Flicker is an exceptionally sweet boy in addition to having outstanding genetics.  We particularly like his overall appearance, dairy strength, and rear width.  Flicker’s dam, Itsy, placed 10th at the 2014 ADGA National Show for Produce of Dam. FLICKER was sold at age 2 but we had him collected and straws are available at $25/straw.

Itsy's udder

Itsy’s udder

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