Meet the girls! We currently have 2 does in our herd, and one of them, Wren, has been reserved. We are looking for the right home for Chickadee now. She had a C-section three years ago, and has had kidding issues the past two years. She has had only one baby per kidding since the C-section. We induced labor and had a vet attend her last kidding, and she came through it all fine, with some bleeding that needed attention. The ideal home for her is someone who wants a top quality doe with an excellent mammary system, and wants to milk her through for a year (or dry her off) and give her a break before breeding. We would also like to know that future birthings would be induced and vet-attended. Chickadee is a very fine animal and in excellent health.




Moores Pond Farm Chickadee

CH Moores Pond Farm Chickadee

Born April 3, 2011

LA at 3 years: 91EEEE

As a two year-old, Chickadee freshened with an excellent mammary system, and it was even more impressive at four.  Her dam is CH Mountain Star Baham Itsy Ibis (see under reference does); her sire is Brankton Revive Kenny (LA 91EEE). At a 2014 show in Knoxville, Chickadee took GCH in one ring and BUIB in 2 rings. She finished her championship June 15, 2014 in Shelby, NC, where she was GCH x 2, RGCH x 1, BUIB x 1, and BOB x 1. She is pictured here at the ADGA National Show, where she placed 10th in the 3 year-old class.

Chickadee and Phoebe udders



Chickadee and Phoebe #10 Produce of Dam (Itsy) @ 2014 Nationals

2014 Nationals #10 Produce of Dam (Itsy)

Wren posed Shelby

Moores Pond Farm NRR Wren

Moores Pond Farm NRR Wren SOLD PENDING)


Born March 10, 2014

LA at 1 year: 87VEEV LA at 2 years: 89VEVV; LA at 3 years: 90VEVE


Wren udder from rear

Wren 4 weeks fresh 2016


Wren’s dam is CH Moores Pond Farm Chickadee EX91, and her sire is Nodaway Raya’s Rayan VG87 (brother to the 2013 National Reserve Grand Champion).  Wren has earned several first place ribbons and two Reserve Grand Champion, usually competing against 18-23 goats in her class. .She is a very strong correct doe with a very well-attached mammary.








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