General Information on Alpine Goats for Sale

We are dispersing our herd and now have only one doe that we need to place, CH Moores Pond Farm Chickadee (see does). She is a special needs goat, since she has some issues with kiddings, and we want to sell her as a family milker to someone who will not breed her in the fall.

If you are interested in purchasing quality Alpines in this area, we can help put you in touch with herd owners who have good healthy animals. Some of them may be selling progeny of does we have sold to them. Please contact us by email, or We do not often check comments on the web site.

Goats Listed For Sale: All prices listed for our goats are for pick up on the farm. Costs for health certificates or transportation are the responsibility of the buyer. We are willing to deliver goats within 100 miles of our farm for a reasonable fee and expenses. Once a goat has left our property, it is the responsibility of the owner and there will be no refunds for goats that may develop health problems. (We do annual testing on our entire herd for CAE and CL and NC is a TB and Brucellosis-free state.) . If they wish, buyers may arrange for a vet inspection or blood tests prior to transport at their expense.

A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required to hold a goat one wishes to purchase.  The goat will be considered sold when we receive the deposit, which can be paid with a personal check or through PayPal. The balance must be paid before the goat is picked up or paid with cash or money order on the day of pick-up.  The purchaser has thirty days from the day the deposit is received to pick up the goat.  A $2.00/day boarding fee will be applied after the 30 day period.

Raw Goat Milk: We have our NC commercial feed permit and are licensed to sell raw goat milk as pet milk. Milk must be ordered since we do not keep milk bottled. Please e-mail or call at least 24 hours in advance of pick-up. Pet milk is available roughly from March through October. Regular weekly customers have priority on milk orders.

Fresh Eggs: We sell farm fresh chicken eggs in a limited quantity. We give priority to regular customers.

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