Reference Does


Mountain Star Baham Itsy Ibis


CH Mountain Star Baham Itsy Ibis

Born April 28, 2009

LA at 6 years: 90 VEVE

Itsy was our foundation doe. She earned her permanent championship as a two year old first freshener. Shown a total of five times in her first two years, she was 3X GCH, 2X RGCH, and 2X BDIS. Itsy is a very correct doe, with a well-attached mammary system, well-blended shoulders, and level top line.


CH Moores Pond Farm Chickadee

CH Moores Pond Farm Chickadee

Born April 3, 2011

LA at 3 years: 91EEEE

As a two year-old, Chickadee freshened with an excellent mammary system, and it was even more impressive at four.  Her dam is CH Mountain Star Baham Itsy Ibis (see under reference does); her sire is Brankton Revive Kenny (LA 91EEE). At a 2014 show in Knoxville, Chickadee took GCH in one ring and BUIB in 2 rings. She finished her championship June 15, 2014 in Shelby, NC, where she was GCH x 2, RGCH x 1, BUIB x 1, and BOB x 1. She is pictured here at the ADGA National Show, where she placed 10th in the 3 year-old class.


Moores Pond Farm Phoebe

GCH Moores Pond Farm Phoebe









*M GCH Moores Pond Farm Phoebe

Born April 3, 2011

LA at 4 years: 90EEEV

Full sister to Chickadee, Phoebe has all the wonderful traits of her dam, but has more body capacity, length, and stature. She has a very well attached mammary system, well-blended shoulders, and is long and level. At her 2014 show debut in Georgia,  one judge remarked, “She is truly a beautiful doe that defines the future of the breed.”  Shown only in 2014, she is 3 x GCH, 2 x BDIS, 5 x RGCH. She was in the top twenty at the ADGA National Show, in a class of 49 three-year-olds.

Chickadee and Phoebe udders

Chickadee and Phoebe 2014


Moores Pond Farm NRR Wren

Wren posed Shelby

Moores Pond Farm NRR Wren


Born March 10, 2014

LA at 1 year: 87VEEV LA at 2 years: 89VEVV; LA at 3 years: 90VEVE

Wren’s dam is CH Moores Pond Farm Chickadee EX91, and her sire is Nodaway Raya’s Rayan VG87 (brother to the 2013 National Reserve Grand Champion).  Wren has earned several first place ribbons and two Reserve Grand Champion, usually competing against 18-23 goats in her class.

She is a very strong correct doe with a very well-attached mammary. Wren udder from rear


Swan 2016

Moores Pond Farm BRK Swan

Born March 9, 2015

Swan is the product of the same breeding that produced our champion top-ten and top-twenty does, Chickadee and Phoebe. Like Phoebe, she is long and level, and we look forward to watching her mature into a magnificent animal. As an Intermediate Kid, Swan won Grand Champion at the Mountain State Fair, a competitive show with 27 junior does entered. (Phoebe’s daughter Dove, also an Intermediate Kid, won Reserve). At an Alpine Specialty Show in ADGA District III, Swan went Grand and Best Junior Doe in Show. She was 8th in her class (Senior Dry Yearlings) at the 2016 ADGA National Show in Harrisburg, PA.


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