Reference Does


Mountain Star Baham Itsy Ibis


CH Mountain Star Baham Itsy Ibis

Born April 28, 2009

LA at 6 years: 90 VEVE

Itsy was our foundation doe. She earned her permanent championship as a two year old first freshener. Shown a total of five times in her first two years, she was 3X GCH, 2X RGCH, and 2X BDIS. Itsy is a very correct doe, with a well-attached mammary system, well-blended shoulders, and level top line.


Moores Pond Farm Phoebe

GCH Moores Pond Farm Phoebe

*M GCH Moores Pond Farm Phoebe

Born April 3, 2011

LA at 4 years: 90EEEV

Full sister to Chickadee, Phoebe has all the wonderful traits of her dam, but has more body capacity, length, and stature. She has a very well attached mammary system, well-blended shoulders, and is long and level. At her 2014 show debut in Georgia,  one judge remarked, “She is truly a beautiful doe that defines the future of the breed.”  Shown only in 2014, she is 3 x GCH, 2 x BDIS, 5 x RGCH. She was in the top twenty at the ADGA National Show, in a class of 49 three-year-olds.



2 Comments on “Reference Does

  1. And now I’m trying to decide whether to breed Kashi to Beau or to Scoter, because looking at Kookie and Ani, there’s a whole Lotta mammaries goin’ on there!

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